Building approval forms

All patios, carports and enclosures need an application to be submitted to your local council. Below is a list of forms that, depending on the the structure, may need to be submitted. Aussie Style Patios will assist in the preparation and submission of all the required forms.


BA1 – Application for building permit – certified PDF Word
BA2 – Application for building permit – uncertified PDF Word
BA5 – Application for demolition permit PDF Word
BA9 – Application for occupancy permit PDF Word
BA11 – Application for occupancy permit strata PDF Word
BA13 – Application for building approval certificate PDF Word
BA15 – Application for building approval certificate strata PDF Word
BA22 – Application to extend a building or demolition permit PDF Word
BA23 – Application to extend time – occupancy permit or building approval certificate PDF Word
BA24 – Application for modification or non-application of building standard PDF Word


BA3 – Certificate of design compliance PDF Word
BA17 – Certificate of construction compliance PDF Word
BA18 – Certificate of building compliance PDF Word


BA7 – Notice of completion PDF Word
BA8 – Notice of cessation PDF Word
BA20 – Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect PDF Word
BA20A – Notice and request for consent (response notice):
Protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land
PDF Word


BA4 – Building permit PDF
BA6 – Demolition permit PDF
BA10 – Occupancy permit PDF
BA12 – Occupancy permit strata PDF