Hip/Pyramid Roof Patios

Perth Hip Patio Roof

Elegant options for gable roof patio designs

Hip roof patios add a classical design to a gable patio. The traditional style of a hip roof patio can match your house and add a great outdoor feature.

The hip roof patio is designed to finish the end of an normal gable patio. The hip roof patio can be built to great effect on one or both ends of your gable design.

Flat Roof Patios

Perth Flat Patio Roof

A flat roof patio is a affordable way to create a useful outdoor living area that will improve your house and lifestyle with it’s simple, smooth lines. A flat rook patio can be designed and constructed to cover any area around your home.

Flat roof patios are available as a freestanding design or attached to the side of your house. Flat patios can be made into a verandah, a patio or carport. If you like you can substitute colourbond metal roof sheets with a clear or tinted “clearspan” materialto supply UV filtered light.

Gable Roof Patios

Perth Gable Pitch Roof Patio

Aussie Style Patio’s most popular patio and carport styles are the gable “pitched” roof design.

Gable patios have a strong look that gives you a feeling of being open with space all around you, especially above. Gable patios will improve your home and outdoor entertainment areas.

Gable patios and carports are available freestanding or built off the side of your house. Gable patios can be combined it with a flat roof patio or veranda and the high gable roof section becomes a lovely focus to your outdoor living area.

Gable patios and carports can also ultilise the natural sunlight by replacing the normal colourbond metal sheeting with UV blocking polycarbonate transparent sheeting.